Injury Prevention


Injury Services Include:

Pre Employment and Health Screening Assessments

Screening assessments are tailored to meet your industry needs. We ensure that your employees can handle the physical demands of the job and also ensure that potential employees have good health prior to commencing the job. Regular health screening ensures your employees are monitored and provided with quality advice and follow-ups as required.

Workplace Vaccinations

Helping employers reduce time lost to influenza, vaccination is the best form of prevention and vital in protecting workers against infectious occupational hazards such as Hepatitsis A+ B. We have qualified staff able to visit your workplace to provide vaccination services.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Our screening is conducted by occupational health nurses in line with Australian standards. We are able to attend your site on days to screen an agreed number of workers. In addition, Absolute Injury Solutions have drug and alcohol counsellors available to assist workers if required.

Manual Handling Prevention

We provide you with assistance to comply with the Manual Handling Regulations and review your work systems and procedures to prevent manual handling injuries. Staff training on back care, back fitness and manual handling techniques and risk assessment skills.

Ergonomic Management

Ergonomics is about designing jobs to optimise the interface between the worker and job. If the job demands exceed the person's limit, injuries result. The objective of Ergonomic Management is to create achievable solutions for identified problems and to prevent problems when new systems of work or new products are introduced. Absolute Injury Solutions can, by measuring the work demands, predict the actual risks for musculoskeletal injuries within your workplace.

Computer Workstation Design

With an increasing use of computers in the workplace, a range of complaints are being noted. Recent research concludes that with ergonomic input, these complaints can be minimised. Absolute Management’s ergonomists can provide expert advice on office design and layout, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

OHS and Injury Management Systems Audits/Advice

Employers have obligations under OHS and injury management laws to provide programs and systems to ensure a safe place of work. Absolute Injury Solutions are able assist employers in establishing systems to provide advice ensuring you are able to meet these obligations. 

Counselling Services

Absolute Injury Solutions has a complete range of counselling services that focus on workplace safety, employee, well-being and job satisfaction.
These include:

  • Drug and alcohol counselling
  • Employee assistance counselling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivational counselling 
  • Stress management

Counsellors at Absolute Injury Solutions work with a client-centred approach utilising Cognitive Behavioural Strategies. The underlying methods include motivational interviewing techniques, reality therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. Counsellors have extensive experience in personal, educational, rehabilitation and career counselling. Should clients require more intensive counselling, referrals are made to an appropriately qualified specialist counsellor. We believe we provide a safe, confidential and comfortable environment where individuals can understand their issues and be supported and guided in developing strategies so they can act differently and achieve satisfaction.