Pre Placement Assessments

The Absolute Injury Solutions team are able to tailor pre-placement assessments to reflect the inherent requirements of a specific job. This enables employers to make informed decisions about an applicants suitability for a position based on standardised and objective findings on an applicants physical abilities, general health, fitness and personality.

1. Job Demands Analysis

We use a standardised assessment which evaluates the requirements of the job. This allows us to list the physical and environmental requirements and measures the demand over a full workplace, and allows for a more accurate determination of the requirements, which can then be assessed.

2. Health Screening

Similar to general medical screening this will be completed by an Occupational Health Nurse. Depending on the job, the assessment can include the following:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Musculakeletal Strength
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Vision
  • Lung Function

Dependent on your work environment, further tests can be arranged, e.g. blood tests, ECG's etc. at an additional cost.

3. Functional Capabilities Assessment

Functional Capabilities Assessments are becoming a part of the selection process. It allows employers to minimise workers compensation risks and place people in jobs based on their physical abilities.

The assessment identifies whether individuals are at risk performing physical, weighted tasks of a job. Requirements include specific and accurate information on an individual including:

  • Lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying activities
  • The need for instruction in direct manual handling techniques
  • Cardiovascular responses to physical activity
  • General back fitness

4. ARM-Q Survey

The Accident Risk Management (ARM) survey is a self report designed to measure those people at higher risk for accidents due to an undeveloped safety awareness. Safety awareness is acquired through exposure to learning and experience throughout our lives. Each person will have a different level of safety awareness, and those with a lower safety awareness are at a higher risk for accidents and injuries. It may be of benefit to our employer clients to be aware of the individuals with low safety awareness prior to employment.

The ARM survey measure 5 areas that comprise an individuals safety awareness:

  • Safety Control: how much control an individual believes they have over their own and other peoples safety.
  • Risk Avoidance: A measure of the individual's ability to perceive a safety risk.
  • Stress Tolerance: A measure of how aware the indivual is when they have stress, how they recognise its effects and how effectively they cope with it.
  • Driver Attitude*
  • Quality Awareness*

* Both previously mentioned measures of awareness and knowledge are of importance to safety awareness. It identifies the candidate’s ability to identify potential risks and correct small details before they become problems.

5. Drug & Alcohol Testing

Absolute Injury Solutions offer drug and alcohol screening conducted in line with Australian standards. Applicants will initially undertake Drug & Alcohol screening upon their arrival for pre-placement assessments. If a non-negative result is determined further health and functional screening will not progress without the employer’s approval. We can also provide random screening services, and can provide drug and alcohol counsellors is required.

Absolute Injury Solutions believes each company has its own requirements and to this end we indivually tailor our assessments for your working environment. Please call us to arrange an assessment.