Injury Management Services

Absolute Injury Solutions support employers, injured workers, insurers and doctors at all stages of the rehabilitation process. Our occupational Therapists and Rehabilitations Counsellors are experienced in acute injury management strategies, assisting the employee to maximum functionality and duties in the shortest time. They are excellent communicators ensuring that all key parties are working towards the key goal of early return to work.

Absolute Injury Solutions have a network of skilled treatment services to ensure the injured worker receive the best services available which are also goal focussed towards early return work. We employ highly skilled Rehabilitation Counsellors and Employment Consultants. On some occasions the individuals levels of disability may limit their ability to return to their original employment and so may require specialist assistance or alternate employment. Absolute Injury Solutions helps injured workers find new and fulfilling employment.

Injury Management Services Include:

1. Onsite Case Management

Assisting employers to manage the rehabilitation of an injured employee including counselling, education, liaison with doctors, treating, supervising etc.

2. Workplace Assessments

  • Ensures matching of restrictions to suitable duties
  • Allows analysis of job demands 
  • Assisting identification of suitable duties

3. Rehabilitation Counselling

Providing counselling to injured workers who may have adjusting to injury and disability

4. Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Assists in clearly identifying an individual’s safe work environment objectively
  • Provides objective measures to allow accurate choice of duties.

5. Vocational Assessments

To identify retraining potential for those individuals unable to continue their pre-injury employment and who have limited transferable skills.

6. Transferable Skills Assessments

To identify new employment options for individuals unable to return to pre-injury duties.

7. Employment and Job Seeking Assistance

  • To assist the injured worker in CV preparation and honing interview skills
  • Liaison with prospective employers to organise work trials and appropriates job seeking agreements to keep the process within workable parameters.